Makeup Sponge VS Brush: Which One is Better?

To apply make-up, usually, you need some specific tools: brushes or sponges. But what is the difference between them? Which one you should opt for? 

In fact, each of these makeup tools has its own pros and cons. Your choice should depend on the result you are expecting to get.

Makeup brushes

Synthetic makeup brushes are ideal to apply liquid or cream foundations.They come in all different shapes and sizes but a flat-top, Kabuki-style brush is ideal for full-coverage. 

Makeup brushes allow concentrated application and provide you with an even finish. However, it’s highly important to clean your brushes (not only foundation ones but all that you have) at least once a week. It is not only about the quality of your makeup, but also about skincare. In dirty brushes, a lot of hazardous microbes can set up a camp and lead to some problems with skin.   

There are a lot of specific tools to clean your brushes. For example, you might get this Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner

Plus, brushes don’t absorb a lot of makeup product so using them is more economical.

Makeup sponge

If you are a fan of light flawless finish, you might try a makeup sponge. Sponges really only work with lightweight liquid formulas. Also, they suck up a lot of product which means you’re wasting foundation. 

However, if you apply too much makeup and it looks cakey you can use a sponge to remove some of the excess, which is handy.

You can really beautifully build-up and blend the product from sheer to full-coverage, but you have to use a clean sponge! Sponges aren’t as hygienic as brushes, so you have to keep on top of your cleaning. 

Well, as you see, these two ways of applying makeup are great depending on different situations. We recommend trying them both to understand what you like the most. 

In some make-ups, using both sponge and brush can provide you with amazing results. Experiment and find your individual makeup style and we will help you with all the necessary tools and products. Browse through our collections right away to find something for yourself! 

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